Welcome to Rory and Jamie’s wedding.

This site was put together to serve three very important and distinct functions:

  1. Provide interesting cultural context to the many traditional Korean ceremonies related to our marriage.
  2. Document our experiences as we bounce between Toronto, Dubai and Korea and prepare for the biggest day of our lives.
  3. Assist with logistical planning for those who wish to attend. This will include dates, locations, hotels and flight info and hopefully this site will also be a place where others can share their experiences, make suggestions and coordinate agendas.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone  interested to learn about mixed traditional Korean weddings, the intricacies of Korean culture or who just like a good old fashioned love story.

Please follow us on Twitter @roryandjamie or email us at roryandjamie@gmail.com.

We’ve fallen in love and are falling into the future. Feel free to fall with us.


Rory (Minseok) and Jamie