Flight Options

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*Please note that we recommend arriving in Seoul by April 30 at the latest, at least two days before the wedding on May 2

For those of you coming from the UAE, here are some flight options:

1) New Option: Flying Etihad to Tokyo and connecting to Seoul

Flights are going fast so let us know if you would like to book this option. It is about 500 dhs more  but at this time there are more spaces available. It flies 5 times a week, Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. going to Tokyo and Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun, flying back to Abu Dhabi. I would suggest Korean Air, Asiana Airline for connecting flights but there are likely many options both local and international. When I flew from Tokyo to Seoul, I flew standby and made it no problem.

2) Flying Etihad to Beijing and connecting to Seoul

If you decide to fly Etihad please let Rory and I know as soon as possible. The flights leave Abu Dhabi to Beijing(PEK) on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun. (AUH 2200 dep, arriving PEK local 1000) and from Beijing to Korea, there are 5 airlines (Air China, Korean Air, Asiana Airline, China Eastern Air, China Southern Airlines…) operating everyday. The price for PEK to ICN will be around 1000 – 1500 dhs if you book the ticket early enough.

Here are some sites for cheap ticket from Beijing to Seoul, however, they haven’t opened the tickets for May yet so we will let you know when they are available. But we still need you to tell us if you want to go this option as soon as possible.

Coming back from Seoul to Beijing there are daily flights, however return flights from Beijing to Abu Dhabi on Etihad will be on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun (PEK 1900 dep, arriving AUH local 2430). So plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to transfer.

2) Flying from Dubai on Emirates direct flight.
If you want to fly the A380 (biggest aircraft in the world) Emirates will be flying direct to Seoul from Dec, 2009. This flight leaves around 2:30am every night and lands in Seoul local time 5pm. Price for the ticket will be around 6000 dhs.

3) There is also Korean air, which is operating with Emirates but only fly on Mon, Wed and Fri. The price will be same as Emirates or little bit more.

4) You may wish to find your own way there as well. In addition to above there are other options such as Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong or Qatar Airways through Doha (not direct) but we wouldn’t recommend going through Manila or Bangkok or Kuala Lampour as these layovers are brutal.

For those of you coming from Canada:

We recommend flying from Vancouver or Seattle, Toronto or Buffalo, the American cities being slightly cheaper because of taxes and the dollar and the West Coast being much cheaper because it is closer. We are currently investigating cheap flights but we suggest you check out the following airlines and online booking sites. Right now the cheapest tickets to Seoul are from Seattle (around $600 – $700) so if you can make it there on a seat sale that might be your best option. Please share in the comment section if you find something cheap.

Airlines flying to Korea:

  • Air Canada – Direct from Vancouver only. From Vancouver (around $1100 CAN incl. tax). From Toronto (around $1500 CAN incl. tax)
  • Asiana – There is currently a good seat sale from Vancouver via Seattle ($745 CAN incl. tax) if you buy until end of November
  • Korean Air – From Vancouver (around $920 CAN incl. tax). From Toronto (around $1550 CAN incl. tax)
  • Japan Air
  • Eva Air – Cheap airline that flies only from Vancouver and Seattle (via Taipei)

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For those of you who will be sticking around Korea and other parts of East Asia, check out my blog posts from 2005 for some ideas about places to visit. The picture links aren’t working anymore (thanks Yahoo!!!) but the info is still relevant.